General Guyble - Rawstyle FX Kicks Tutorial

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    • General Guyble - Rawstyle FX Kicks Tutorial

      General Guyble schrieb:

      get this kick in my brand-new Rawstyle Production Tool Kits:

      In this video you’ll learn one of many techniques how to make FX Kicks / Tricks in Hardstyle, Rawstyle and Hardcore. Obviously the easiest way to make them is to adjust your Filters in your Kick chain. Sometimes it’s not that easy, If you work with multiple layers. A good solution is to distort the finished Rawstyle Kick even more and work with filters to get a nice tone.

      German Hardstyle Producer General Guyble will show you how he does it.

      Enjoy and leave a comment, if you would like to see more!