Degos & Re-Done & B-Front - Rough With The Wolves

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    • Degos & Re-Done & B-Front - Rough With The Wolves

      Label: Nightbreed Records
      Katalognr.: NB043
      VÖ-Datum: 11-07-2017

      Nightbreed Records schrieb:

      Calling all raw fanatics to the front row! The indomitable Degos & Re-Done collaborate once more with the magical B-Front for a track of ferocious proportions. By joining the sounds of Nightbreed Records and Roughstate together, “Rough With The Wolves” is the perfect synergy of these two distinct yet ever-so-innovative performers. Time to rise with the rough, with the breed of the night!

      "Rough With The Wolves" is out now on Nightbreed Records →