Rawstyle Tutorial: Making Of Final Stop Death

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    • Rawstyle Tutorial: Making Of Final Stop Death

      General Guyble schrieb:

      In this Rawstyle tutorial General Guyble is showing you how Rob Gee and him produced their latest Rawstyle / Hardcore Track „“F inal Stop Death“. He’s showing you the typical Rawstyle Arrangement. How they made the vocals fit nice into a Rawstyle Track. Furthermore this Rawstyle Tutorial will be about blending early Hardcore influences with up to date Rawstyle Sounds.Moreover in this Rawstyle Tutorial you will see some very unique approaches on how to drastically enhance your Rawstyle Kick.This Video is a short edited Version of a Live Stream General Guyble did on Facebook. In this Live Session General Guyble showed more techniques to create different Rawstyle Sounds and other Rawstyle Production Techniques. To see the full video go to http://www.facebook.com/generalguyble