How To Be Invisible - Hidden Treasure E.P.

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    • How To Be Invisible - Hidden Treasure E.P.

      Label: The Funky Cat
      Katalognr.: CATID021
      VÖ-Datum: 05-12-2017


      01. How To Be Invisible - Gateway
      02. How To Be Invisible - Not Yet
      03. How To Be Invisible - Hidden Treasure


      The Funky Cat schrieb:

      With years of production and DJ experience in other genres, it's time to dive deep into the realms of techno with one question: How To Be Invisible? Over the past few years, countless experiments resulted in a great variation of answers. It's time to bring them out in the open. After the 'Personal EP' debut, followed by 'Needs', a 'Hidden Treasure' is found...

      Geck-o presents his new quest into the world of techno: How To Be Invisible. Featuring a great artwork collaboration between Mandi Astola and Mesloes on the cover.