Driftmoon - Invictus

    • Driftmoon - Invictus


      It’s my greatest honour to present to you cover for my upcoming artist album - “Invictus”!

      Immerse yourself in 20 track story driven musical journey spread across 2 CDs and unveil what truly happened during the Invictus incident.

      Album features tracks with Giuseppe Ottaviani, Betsie Larkin, Julie Thompson, Ferry Tayle, The Thrillseekers, Eller van Buuren plus others, it will be available to preorder via Amplifyd Music within next few days in multiple release options (including vinyls, collectors editions, etc.) and released officially very soon via Black Hole Recordings - a label I’m proud to call home.
    • Track mit Eller van Buuren heißt When Heroes Falls


      Erscheint im Juni
      Trance-Charts Juli 2018

      01. Alessandra Rocnone feat. Katherine Amy - The Truth That You Know
      02. Craig Connelly & Roxanne Emery - This Life
      03. Factor B - Into The Light
      04. Jorn van Deynhoven - Fake ID
      05. DJ Wag - Man On The Moon (Indecent Noise Remix)
      06. Allen Watts - Inferno
      07. Driftmoon - Revelations (Vihaan´s Theme)
      08. Alex Kunnari - Sundown

    • Driftmoon.jpg

      1 The Message [Prologue] Original Mix Driftmoon
      2 Homines Novi Classis Original Mix Driftmoon
      3 They'll Never Find Us Original Mix Eco, Driftmoon
      4 What Remains Hidden Original Mix The Thrillseekers
      5 The One Original Mix Driftmoon, John Grand, By An Ion
      6 Fire Which Burns Us All Original Mix Robert Nickson, Driftmoon, Astrosphere
      7 Revelations [Vihaan's Theme] Original Mix Driftmoon
      8 Calling of the Void Original Mix Driftmoon, Merethe Soltvedt
      9 Invictus [Isha's Theme] Original Mix Driftmoon
      10 When Heroes Fall Original Mix Driftmoon, Eller
      11 Beautiful Life Original Mix Julie Thompson, Driftmoon
      12 Avalon [Hybrid Suite] Original Mix Driftmoon
      13 FVTVR3 Original Mix Enzo, Driftmoon
      14 Chasing the Dawn Original Mix Giuseppe Ottaviani, Driftmoon
      15 Unforgettable Original Mix Ferry Tayle, Driftmoon
      16 Lost Sanctuary Original Mix Exis, Driftmoon
      17 Only You Original Mix Julie Thompson, Driftmoon
      18 Please Don't Go [Epilogue] Original Mix

      06.07.2018 @ Black Hole Recordings