Ulcerium - Soundtrack To Your Suicide E.P.

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    • Ulcerium - Soundtrack To Your Suicide E.P.

      Stil: Breakcore, Metal
      Label: Peace Off Digit
      Katalognr.: POFFDIGIT27
      VÖ-Datum: 28-04-2015


      01. Ulcerium - Accidental Suicide (Original Mix)
      02. Ulcerium Feat. Mouhannad Ahmad - Entihari (Original Mix)
      03. Ulcerium - Error Mental Error (Original Mix)
      04. Ulcerium - Phase2 (Original Mix)



      Peace Off schrieb:

      Watch Out Kids, another new signing to the stellar Peace Off Digit roster.
      We are really proud to introduce you, Ulcerium, one of the first breakcore producers in the African continent
      With this third release "Soundtrack to your suicide" Ep, Mahdi Riahi, guitarist from extreme metal projects (i the intruder / vomit the hate), delivers an Absolute kill-sound Ep
      Featuring Mouhannad Ahmad, who sing in Arabic on one track "Entihari", Ulcerium, with this four varied trax, will push you to a frenzy madness.
      Rotten basses, energic mangled breaks, distorted elements & blasting Home made guitar riffs, he brings the ruckus !!!
      It's a gritty expedition into the edge of extreme breakbeat vivisection and sound system dynamics !